Embrace of the Serpent

Dir: Ciro Guerra

Colombia / Venezuela / Argentina


124 mins


Nominated for Best Foreign Film at the upcoming Oscars, director Ciro Guerra’s (Wandering ShadowsThe Wind JourneysEmbrace of the Serpent presents a breathtaking journey through the Colombian Amazon following the interwoven stories of two European explorers; one in the early 1900s, the other 40 years later.

Shot in mesmerising monochrome, the film’s rich visual texture captures the devastating effect of colonialism on the Amazon’s indigenous peoples.

Karamakate, the last surviving member of his tribe leads the two interlocking stories of European travellers in search for a rare and exotic plant with healing properties. Eschewing the hackneyed narrative of a white saviour and a noble ‘savage’, Guerra instead reverses the focus; filtering the Europeans’ journeys through Karamakate’s native perspective with a tone that recalls Apocalypse Now.

Full of visual flair, haunting mysticism and an unstoppable moral conviction, Embrace of the Serpent is by turns astonishing and terrifyingly ferocious; both a hypnotically beautiful ode to life in the Amazon and an unequivocally searing critique of the harrowing effects of colonialism.

Booking Information


Peccadillo Pictures

0203 617 4979


Release Date

10 June 2016

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