David Lynch: The Art Life

Dir: Jon Nguyen, Rick Barnes

United States of America (USA) / Denmark


88 mins


Following 2007’s Lynch, which accompanied legendary director David Lynch (Blue VelvetMulholland Drive) through the completion of Inland Empire, Jon Nguyen and his team have returned to their enigmatic subject – but this time offering an intimate portrayal of Lynch, the visual artist.

Narrated by Lynch himself – speaking into a vintage microphone from his painting studio in the Hollywood Hills – the film takes us on a journey through his youth. Covering his idyllic childhood in small-town America, his awkward teens and his time spent living the ‘art life’ in the dark streets of Philadelphia, he recounts stories of his family, his anxieties and fears, revealing the formative personal experiences that inspired both his visual and cinematic art.

Combining home movies, moody artworks and footage of Lynch painting and sculpting alongside his musings, with camerawork and a score that reflect its subject’s aesthetic, David Lynch: The Art Life is an immersive and compelling portrait of an artist – one of our most celebrated and unpredictable filmmakers – at work.

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0207 377 1407


Release Date

9 June 2017

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