C'est la vie! (Le sens de la fête)

Dir: Olivier, Eric Nakache, Toledano



117 mins



Jean-Pierre Bacri, Jean-Paul Rouve, Gilles Lellouche

The directorial duo behind 2011’s hit Intouchables – Éric Toledano and Olivier Nakache – reunite for this “expertly assembled, tartly played and hugely enjoyable romp” (The Hollywood Reporter), classically constructed ensemble comedy in which a wedding threatens to erupt into an utter nightmare for the party’s cantankerous planner.

Pierre (Benjamin Lavernhe) and Héléna (Judith Chemla) are holding their capacious wedding in a sumptuous 17th century castle. To choreograph the high-stakes event they have secured the services of Max Angély (Jean-Pierre Bacri), a seasoned caterer and party planner, and his team.

Max is a battle-weary veteran of the wedding-planning racket but this — his last gig — proves to be a hell of a fête, involving ridiculous period costumes; a hyper-sensitive singer who thinks he’s a Gallic James Brown; and a micromanaging groom. Meanwhile Max’s colleague and ostensible girlfriend, Joisette (Xavier Dolan regular Suzanne Clément) is coolly going about her duties while openly flirting with a much younger server. It’s going to be a very long night… especially once the groom’s aerial serenade gets underway.

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Release Date

31 August 2018

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