Center Of My World

Dir: Jakob M. Erwa

Germany / Austria


115 mins


Based on the bestselling YA novel The Center of the World by Andreas Steinhöfel, director Jakob M. Erwa’s imaginative, candid and complex film (recently screened at BFI Flare: London LGBT Festival) portrays a young man coming of age, discovering his sexuality and falling in love.

Returning home to Germany after a summer away at French-language camp, 17-year-old Phil finds a strange tension has developed between his mother and sister. Unsure of the reasons why, Phil finds much needed fun and diversion with his best mate Kat. But the seemingly unshakable bond between the friends is tested when mysterious, handsome new boy Nicholas arrives at their school.

Full of admirable energy and verve, Centre of My World is both a compelling family drama and a tender tale of first love.

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