Britain on Film: Protest!

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1910 - 1986

78 mins


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Somerset Film


- 22/08/2019


Somerset Film


- 22/08/2019


At a time of intense public activism both at home and across the globe, explore the varied and fascinating history of public protest in the UK with our new archive film programme: Britain on Film: Protest!

From a 1910 suffragette demonstration to striking coal miners in the Rhondda Valley, from female CND protesters spanning the Tamar Bridge to the defeat of fascists at London’s Cable Street, this absorbing, illuminating collection examines the nature of protests large and small and for causes regional and national, by participants fighting for suffrage and democracy, against exploitation and inequality, for fair wages and worker’s rights, for public safety, freedom and community and in the face of war and oppression.

Sourced from the national and regional archives and newly digitised, Britain on Film: Protest! tells a story not just about specific protests and their causes but about a tumultuous social, political and economic century and the constant, dynamic presence of public dissent and its effects as a weapon of change – at a time when raising our voices feels more essential than ever.

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Films in the programme

Demonstration of Suffragettes

Dir: unknown | UK | 1910

An early view of Emily Wilding Davison in the multitudes of women in a mass demonstration organised by the Women’s Social and Political Union on 18 June 1910.

Welsh Coal Mine Strike Scenes at Aberaman

Dir: unknown | UK | 1910

Scenes of industrial beauty, bleakness and jollity in Aberaman, in the Rhondda, South Wales.

Hands Off Baby's Milk

Dir: unknown | UK | 1916

High milk prices during World War I drive mother and child on to the street in protest.

Freedom of the Hills

Dir: unknown | UK | 1930

The hills of Derbyshire are alive with protesters fighting for the right to roam.

Fascists Defeated at Cable Street

Dir: unknown | UK | 1936

Newsreel record of the 1936 crushing defeat of the British Union of Fascists in East London.

'Tenants in Revolt'

Dir: John Sommerfield | UK | 1939

Cracking partisan portrait of the Stepney Tenants’ Defence League’s fight against rogue landlords in London’s East End.

Mayday March, Liverpool

Dir: unknown | UK | 1974

Trade unionists on the march in Liverpool and London.

Campaign to Organise the General Strike

Dir: Julie Hyland, Michael Banda | UK | 1984

Young Socialists take the lead in the struggle against the “Tory dictatorship” led by Margaret Thatcher.

Road Safety Protest

Dir: unknown | UK | 1967

Parent power blocks historic Watling Street as banners and placards bring traffic to a halt on the A5.

Building Workers Demonstration

Dir: unknown | UK | 1972

Thirty pounds for a thirty five hour week is their demand and the building workers of Birmingham have an unusual ally in their strike protest.

Keresley - A Village and a Strike

Dir: Julian Ware | UK | 1972

“Kiss me goodnight Arthur Scargill but Maggie you are no sister to me.” Keresley: a colliery and a pit village but, with a strike on, which side are you on?

Gay Rights

Dir: unknown | UK | 1986

Two councils with two different approaches to LGBT rights: Harringay in North London is seen as leading the way Coventry lags behind.

H Block Hunger Strike

Dir: Chris Reeves | UK | 1980

An unflinching look at the experience of the 1980 H Block hunger strikers in Northern Ireland’s Maze (formerly Long Kesh) Prison.

CND Women's Protest

Dir: unknown | UK | 1983

An anti-nuclear demonstration by women from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament at Royal Devonport and on the Tamar Bridge.

Do Something!

Dir: Ross Devenish | UK | 1970

This Week investigates how racial tensions in Islington are being stoked by social pressures, and what residents are doing to improve the area.

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