Blind Husbands

Dir: Erich von Stroheim



99 mins


Director Erich Von Stroheim plays the part of a lustful army officer, a serial seducer who sets his cap at the dreamy wife of a rich American whilst they holiday in the South Tyrol.

In this remarkably assured debut, von Stroheim delivers a morally ambiguous tale of sexual obsession told with what became his trademark sumptuous visual sensibility.

It’s also a phenomenally visually and narratively complex film, and beyond its historical interest, an engrossing and poignant melodrama.

The ICO toured this rediscovered and restored first film from director Von Stroheim with the kind permission of the Austrian Film Museum.

This title is no longer available for booking from the ICO


“This film is exceptional. It marks and epoch.”
Variety 1919

“Here is a photoplay which excels because it is built on the solid foundation of a real idea, namely, the universal carelessness and inattention of husbands to their wives after, in common parlance, they have them securely bound by the gold or platinum band of domestic slavery. Just so long as husbands allow themselves to take their wives for granted, to forget the little attentions and kindnesses after the honeymoon is ended, just so long will pretty young wives be the prey of Don Juans who appease them with pretty sayings and suave signs of devotion.”
Motion Picture Magazine, 1920

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