Alone in Berlin

Dir: Vincent Perez

Germany / France / United Kingdom (UK)


103 mins


Emma Thompson and Brendan Gleeson give committed, insightful performances in Vincent Pérez’s (Once Upon an Angel) adaptation of Hans Fallada’s 1947 novel, based on the true story of a husband and wife who became part of the German Resistance during WWII.

Thompson and Gleeson are Anna and Otto Quangel, living in 1940s Berlin when they suffer a tragedy due to the war. In their grief and despair they become unlikely agitators, denouncing Hitler in a series of subversive postcards strewn across the city. Hotly pursued by Gestapo detective Escherich (Daniel Brühl) and under threat from anyone who sees them, their story becomes a bleak and terrifying thriller.

Fallada’s chilling, appallingly immediate masterpiece was one of the first anti-Nazi novels published by a German after the war, and shows how ordinary Germans subsumed the reign of the Third Reich – with its intimate terror, violence, treachery and censorship – into their everyday consciousness, affecting them both individually and as a wider society.

Only translated into English in 2009, it became a bestseller and caused a minor publishing sensation – a fact which is sure to generate significant audiences for Pérez’s handsome, beautifully acted adaptation.

Booking Information


Altitude Film Entertainment

0207 478 7608


Release Date

29 September 2016

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