Life of Pi

Dir: Ang Lee





Academy Award Winning Director Ang Lee brings Yann Martel’s Man Booker Prize winning novel to the screen to dazzling effect.

Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma) is the son of a zoo keeper who lives in Pondicherry, India. His family decide to move to Canada on account of financial hardship and so hitch a ride upon a freighter with rare and valuable animals in tow. On its travels their boat encounters a severe storm and Pi is left shipwrecked; alone on a lifeboat with an orangutan, hyena, wounded zebra and Bengal tiger – all fighting for survival.

Wondrous childhood adventure; symbolic ode to spirituality; allegorical study of story-telling, Ang Lee orchestrates Life of Pi into a cohesive movie-going experience that has something for audiences of all ages; not least its stunning presentation, with visual effects that will boggle the mind.

Booking Information

Release Date

21 December 2012

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