False Trail

Dir: Kjell Sundvall




A sequel to the 1996 box office hit Hunters (Jagarna), this taut Swedish detective thriller is the latest and one of the very best in the long line of Nordic Noirs to be released in the UK, standing comparison with award winning TV series Wallander.

False Trail stars Rolf Lassgård (the original TV Wallander) as Erik Backstrom, a successful now world weary big city police detective who is assigned to the remote forested Norrland region where he once served, to solve the disappearance of a young woman.

As he begins his investigation, he is greeted with the usual suspicion and lack of cooperation from locals, only this time it’s rather more personal as Backstrom quickly finds himself and his family deeply entangled in the murky back-story of his prime suspect Torsten, who happens to be the town’s police chief.

This sharp twisting of the story turns what begins as a solid police-procedural into a tense, chilling and, in the end, emotionally complex tale of small town violence and corruption.

Elevated further by relentless pacing and big, physical performances by Lassgård and Peter Stormare as the adversaries with a shared past, False Trail will leave a lasting impression on all fans of the genre, from Scandinavia and elsewhere.

Booking Information


Arrow Films

Release Date

5 October 2012

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