Dir: Sophie Lellouche




Alice (Alice Taglioni) is a 30-something single woman about Paris, who has been obsessed with Woody Allen films since she was a teenager, and has lived her life based on the wisdom that Woody has imparted to her through his movies.

Her beautiful older sister has a seemingly perfect marriage to Alice’s dream man, and her parents are constantly inventing schemes to match make her with potential suitors…like telling men they have contagious diseases so they frequent the family pharmacy where Alice works, and investing in a lethal alarm system created by a local inventor (Patrick Bruel).

In a similar vein to AmelieParis-Manhattan is an upbeat light-hearted cappuccino of a comedy that only the French can produce, with ridiculously beautiful and effortlessly chic women meandering the iconic streets of Paris. What elevates Paris-Manhattan from its Gallic neighbours is the fantastic voiceover from the one and only Mr. Woody Allen.

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Release Date

5 July 2013

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