Dir: Neil Jordan





Fantasy thriller from Oscar-winning screenwriter and director Neil Jordan (Breakfast on Pluto, The Crying Game, The End of the Affair), seventeen years after his first foray into the vampire genre with Interview With the VampireByzantium proves that he has lost none of his taste for the bloody and Gothic.

Clara (Gemma Arterton) is a 200-year-old vampire who works in seedy strip clubs and prostitutes herself at the local amusement arcade to support her vampire daughter, Eleanor (Saoirse Ronan). In contrast to Clara, Eleanor is a naturally introverted vampire with a penchant for storytelling, and is conflicted with their carnivorous lifestyle.

When Clara opens up a brothel in a run-down seaside hotel, the Byzantium, shocking secrets from the women’s respective pasts begin to bubble to the surface, and it’s a violent fight to stay one step ahead of their past and present pursuers.

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31 May 2013

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