Hide Your Smiling Faces

Dir: Daniel Patrick Cabone





A small community pulls together following a sudden tragedy, but two brothers find a more fitting way to deal with their loss, escaping into their own wild fiefdom of seemingly endless forests and lakes in upstate New York.

In the damp, derelict buildings and the vast overgrown railway bridge where they roam, nature offers freedom from the claustrophobia of home and room to explore their changing relationship, mortality and to heal in their own way.

With utterly compelling, authentic performances from leads Ryan Jones and Nathan Varnson, this is a beautiful, atmospheric evocation of life on the cusp of adulthood, quietly capturing the emotional maelstrom within boys who are in spitting distance, but still determinedly apart from the adult world.

Making its UK debut at 2013’s London Film Festival, Daniel Patrick Carbone’s part improvised mood-piece is also a finely observed and insightful look at American rural life through the prism of youth.

Booking Information

Release Date

1 August 2014

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