Dir: Matthew Warchus




Winner of this year’s Queer Palm and the closing film in Director’s Fortnight Cannes, Tony-winner Matthew Warchus (Matilda: The Musical) directs this bittersweet comedy based on the true story of how a group of lesbian and gay activists came together in 1984 to support the striking miners.

It’s set in the summer of 1984 with Thatcher in power and the NUM on strike. At a Gay Pride march in London a group of L&G activists decide to raise money to support the families of striking miners but there is a problem.. the NUM is institutionally homophobic. Undeterred, the activists up sticks and drive to a mining village in deepest Wales to offer their donation in person.

There ensues a joyful British comedy of manners yet amid the film’s slapstick and double entrendres, Warchus and script writer Stephen Beresford never lose sight of the socialist camaraderie that is forged between these two seemingly oppositional groups.

Positioned as the next Full Monty or Made in Dagenham, the film boasts a stellar ensemble cast including Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Dominic West and Paddy Considine. A moving, candy coloured piece of LGBT history that has the potential to reach beyond its niche audience.

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12 September 2014

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