Dir: Damien Chazelle





This multi-award winner at the Sundance Film Festival arrives here with a big word of mouth reputation as one of THE must-see films of the season, surrounded by the kind of buzz that no amount of marketing spend can buy.

And it’s easy to see why. A superlative character drama, Whiplash is unconventional and hard to describe, but its detailed performances, use of music and percussive editing lead to a devastating emotional punch.

Whiplash stars rising actor Miles Teller (Divergent) as a promising drummer, starting out at the prestigious Schaffer Conservatory in New York, with a head full of dreams to become the new Buddy Rich.

His development is in the hands of Fletcher (the ever excellent J. K. Simmons), one of the school’s principal teachers, who drives his students towards high achievement through unorthodox and unforgiving methods.

Booking Information


Sony Pictures Releasing

Release Date

16 January 2015

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