Stations of the Cross

Dir: Dietrich Br�ggemann




Named after the series of artistic representations of Christ carrying the cross to his crucifixion – Stations of the Cross is a drama about the stifling upbringing of a young girl raised in a strict Catholic family. Far from a dour religious drama, it’s layered with dry humour and absurdist moments.

Though only 14, every decision of Maria’s life has to be undertaken according to her church’s rigid interpretation of the Bible.  Maria understandably feels under pressure – but she is nevertheless particularly taken with the possibilities of personal sacrifice as a means of helping others.

At the same time however, she is undeniably intrigued by the ‘satanic’ temptations of music and boys, particularly classmate Christian and the gospel choir he belongs to.

Winner of the Silver Bear at Berlin Film Festival last year and celebrated by critics ever since (including 5 stars from Eye for Film) Stations of the Cross weaves allegory and reality in a precise and riveting drama.

Booking Information


Arrow Films

Release Date

28 November 2014

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