Appropriate Behaviour

Dir: Desiree Akhavan




Iranian-American writer/director Desiree Akhavan’s debut Appropriate Behaviour was one of the genuine new discoveries at this year’s Sundance. By all accounts no one is more surprised than Akhavan. 

The film revolves around Shirin, a bisexual Iranian-American (played by Akhavan) from Brooklyn who has no proper job, a recent break-up behind her and a life that’s going nowhere fast.

Sounds like another NY autobiographical character driven comedy coming from the school of Lena Dunham and Greta Gerwig? Possibly, but Akhavan has provided a shrewd update to this potentially formulaic style of filmmaking. What makes this film different is that not only is the bisexual hipster still in the closet to her strict Persian parents, but that this storyline forms only one piece of the equation in this sophisticated and witty look at urban youth and arrested development.

Her funny blend of cultural insights, and self-deprecating humour has provided a charming showcase for a fresh voice with funny bones.

Booking Information


Peccadillo Pictures

Release Date

6 March 2015

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