Tomorrow is Always too Long

Dir: Phil Collins

United Kingdom (UK)




Turner Prize-nominated artist Phil Collins creates a modern-day city symphony and musical love letter to Glasgow told through the institutions that make and define it.

Tomorrow is Always Too Long was originally commissioned by The Common Guild for the Commonwealth 2014 celebrations, and through musical numbers, animation and a uniquely Glaswegian cable TV station, the film conjures up a distinctive vision of the city.

Collins meets people in maternity hospitals, schools, community groups and social clubs for the elderly, asking them to sing songs, make predictions for the future, debate the status of freedom in today’s society, guide us through the city’s most famous prison and dance like there’s no tomorrow.

With animation by Matthew Robins, stellar songs from Welsh singer-songwriter Cate Le Bon, soundtrack contributions from Mogwai’s Barry Burns, local voodoo ravers Golden Teacher and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Tomorrow Is Always Too Long is a deeply resonant watch that takes you deep into the heart of Glasgow and beyond.

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