Silent Storm, The

Dir: Corinna McFarlane




On a remote Scottish island in the 1950s, Aislin (Andrea Riseborough) lives with her authoritarian minister husband Balor (Damian Lewis).

He is a man of sudden, violent mood swings and stern religiosity; Aislin finds consolation from his wrathful disapproval in the stark beauty of the surrounding countryside.

With many islanders leaving for the mainland in droves, the couple are joined by a Glaswegian youth (Ross Anderson), entrusted to their care by a religious charity. Balor is initially suspicious of him, but Aislin recognises a kindred spirit in this sensitive young man and their relationship deepens when her husband has to leave the island.

Marking Corinna McFarlane’s feature debut after her co-directed 2006 documentary Three Miles North of Molkom, this domestic melodrama is a taut, sensual tale of sweeping emotions and grandly realised landscapes, featuring full-blooded performances from Riseborough and Lewis.

Booking Information


Sony Pictures Releasing

Release Date

20 May 2016

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