Les Combattants

Dir: Thomas Cailley



A premiere at Cannes Director’s Fortnight last year, this is an acerbic take on coming of age romance, French style. 

In the sun drenched summertime of southern France, Arnaud, is preparing for work as a woodcutter at his family business.

It’s all set to be a pretty easy ride until he comes across the statuesque Madeleine (Adele Haenel – Water Lilies), a love interest like no other.

Nihilistic, headstrong and always pushing herself to the very physical limit (her incessant training is a prelude to her ambitions to join the army) Madeleine is no Manic Pixie Dream Girl, yet she unknowingly wrestles her way into Arnaud’s affections – with explosive consequences.

Featuring some excellent verbal sparring between the young lovers, this expertly written gem is part screwball, part rom-com and wholly enjoyable.

Booking Information


Curzon Film

Release Date

19 June 2015

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