Next to Her

Dir: Asaf Korman





This impressive, naturalistic Israeli film – the debut feature from Asaf Korman, whose wife Liron Ben-Shlush wrote the screenplay and stars – depicts an unusually intense and symbiotic relationship between two sisters.

Chelli (Ben-Shlush) is raising her mentally disabled sister Gabby (Dana Ivgy) by herself in her own, idiosyncratic fashion. Profoundly close, they live a haphazard existence: often sleeping in the same bed, bathing together, even sharing the same toothbrush, as Gabby often communicates via largely physical means.

But when their social worker finds out Chelli leaves Gabby alone at home while she’s out working, Chelli is forced to place her in a day-care centre. With the emotional space this gives her, Chelli finds a boyfriend, Zohar – but how will he fit in with her unique affection for Gabby?

A striking and intriguing film, with excellent performances from both leads, examining love and co-dependency with sympathy and insight.

Booking Information


Peccadillo Pictures

Release Date

11 March 2016

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