The Ghoul

Dir: Gareth Tunley

United Kingdom (UK)


85 mins



Tom Meeten, Alice Lowe, Rufus Jones, Paul Kaye

Screened to acclaim at LFF 2016, Gareth Tunley’s feature debut, an atmospheric psychological thriller – executive produced by Ben Wheatley, in whose films Kill List and Down Terrace Tunley acted – follows a detective tasked with investigating a double murder.

Going undercover, Chris (Tom Meeten) locates a suspect and, on a hunch and with the help of an old colleague (and his ex) Kathleen (Alice Lowe, Sightseers), poses as a patient to get access to his target’s psychotherapist. As his therapy sessions progress, the lines between fantasy and reality in Chris’s head begin to blur, and it’s his own identity he begins to call into question.

With appearances from a raft of British talent including Niamh Cusack, Paul Kaye and Rufus Jones, Tunley’s low-budget film – displaying a pleasing fascination with the occult and a mordant wit – offers style and invention to spare.

Booking Information


Arrow Films

01923 587023


Release Date

4 August 2017

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