2009 Lost Memories

Dir: Lee Sy-myung



135 mins



Dong-gun Jang, Tôru Nakamura, Jin-ho Seo

15 August 1945. Following the atomic bombs dropped in Berlin in 1945, the United Nations of America and Japan win the Second World War and East Asia is united into ‘the Great East Asian Union’ under the name of ‘The Japanese Empire’. Japan is prospering as the second strongest economic nation in the world after the US, but anti-government terrorist attacks are prevalent across the countries that have been absorbed into the empire.

2009. The Japanese Empire consists of Tokyo, Osaka and Seoul, the third-largest city of Japan. Members of the Hureisenjin, the largest Korean underground anti-government organisation, infiltrate the artefacts exhibition hall hosted by Inoue, an influential figure in politics. The two JBI (Japanese Bureau of Investigation) agents assigned to deal with the terrorist situation are special agents Masayuki Sakamoto and his close friend Shojiro Saigo!

This title is no longer available for booking from the ICO

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