Lover for a Day

Dir: Philippe Garrel



76 mins



Esther Garrel, Éric Caravaca, Louise Chevillotte

‘A bittersweet, and intoxicating study of relationships in flux.’ The Film Stage

Lover for a Day, Philippe Garrel’s latest study of of men, women and romance, opens with Jeanne (Esther Garrel) utterly broken, sobbing with suitcase in hand, weaving through the Paris streets. Suffering a break in her relationship, she seeks refuge with her father Gilles (Éric Caravaca). But she discovers she has disturbed him with his new lover, Ariane (Louise Chevillote), one of his philosophy students, close to Jeanne’s own age.

Beautifully shot in black and white, this is classic French filmmaking that emphasises character and lets none of its characters off lightly. Starring Garrel’s real life daughter Esther, we see moments of genuine personal drama unfold with the gravity of real life.

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Release Date

19 January 2018

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