Dir: Alicia Scherson

Argentina | Chile




Fresh and delightful, this is a quirky, sweet film which plays like a Chilean Hal Hartley, and has become a deserved hit on the festival circuit. Christina, a country girl, working in the city and caring for a sick older man, sits in the park passively observing her neighbours without ever engaging in their lives.

One day she finds a briefcase belonging to Tristan a young man on the precipice of losing everything including his house, his wife and his job.

Christina’s interest in Tristan rapidly escalates from intrigue to obsession as she stalks him across the city. Spying on Tristan and his family, Christina shadows him as his problems escalate creating a narrative structure which allows first-time director Alicia Scherson to undertake a witty dissection of the class systems at play in Chilean society.

The cheerful Christina embraces the city whilst Tristan battles with it on a daily basis. Their experiences mirror those around them as they come ever closer without meeting.

Immensely likeable, this confident debut heralds a significant new talent in world cinema and another exciting new woman director from the new wave of South American cinema heralded by Lucrecia Martel and Pablo Trapero

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19 January 2007

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