This Is England

Dir: Shane Meadows

United Kingdom (UK)




It’s 1983, Thatcher is in power and Shaun is 12, recently bereaved after his Dad is killed in the Falklands.

Teased at school, he is taken up by a local gang, seemingly benign skinheads who invite him into their gang and introduce him to parties, girls and a sense of belonging.

Meadows returns to familiar territory touched upon in A Room for Romeo Brass of lonely youth catapulted into a new world of adult camaraderie where casual violence is never far from the surface.

This is an adult and assured film, mature and complex, semi-autobiographical and with a real sense of time and place, an England which is a mass of contradiction and ambivalence.

Newcomer Thomas Turgoose is the central moral force at its core, turning in a fabulous performance as Shaun, always engaging our empathy as he learns to grow up fast in a world he doesn’t quite understand and can’t control.

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Release Date

27 April 2007

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