Tell No One

Dir: Guillaume Canet



131 mins


A smash hit in France, Tell No One is based on the bestselling novel by Harlan Coben, a densely plotted and nail-biting thriller.

Dr. Alex Beck is absorbed in his work while quietly mourning the murder of his wife at a local lakeside beauty spot eight years prior.

Out of the blue, two bodies are dug up at the lake, together with a key to a safe and a baseball bat which seems to have Alex’s blood on it. Then, Alex starts receiving mysterious emails which suggest that his wife is not dead and though this seems impossible, begins his own investigations.

As Alex, Francois Cluzet is never less than thoroughly convincing, and echoes Hitchcockian heroes in his confusion as his life is turned upside-down whilst a stellar cast of familiar faces (including Kristin Scott Thomas) lend confident support.

Very well-made and directed at a cracking pace, Tell No One features a fantastic chase sequence to rival any Hollywood blockbuster.

Booking Information

Release Date

15 June 2007

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