Dir: Ray Lawrence



124 mins


From the director of Lantana comes another complex and engaging emotional drama.

Gabriel Byrne and Laura Linney are Stewart and Claire; a couple who’ve a son together but whose relationship is under strain, their lines of communication fraught with tension. Thus established, the moral core of the story centres around Stewart’s fishing trip with friends.

On arrival at their campsite they find the body of an Aboriginal girl floating in the water. But they don’t alert the authorities until their trip is over, an act of appalling indifference that proves incendiary.

Based on a Raymond Carver short story (and the same source material as one episode of Short Cuts), Lawrence excels at translating Carver’s nuanced of human pain and inarticulate emotion to the screen in a beautifully rendered contemporary melodrama.

Booking Information

Release Date

28 May 2007

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