Patti Smith: Dream of Life

Dir: Steven Sebring





Patti Smith: Dream of Life is a gripping, serious exploration shot over several years, of the inner artistic workings of New York punk legend, poet, activist, photographer and painter Patti Smith. With unprecedented access this is essential viewing for anyone interested in the life and art of this iconic figure.

Raw, witty and beautifully shot, it’s hard to imagine a more comprehensive portrait of this still potent artist. Mixing intimate footage of Smith at home and on the road with live performance footage, this displays an integrity rare in the notoriously fickle world of rock music.

Smith comes across as someone who has both held onto the idealism of her early days on the East Coast Art-punk scene while still striving to develop and engage with the 21st century.

She is movingly candid about her relationships with key figures such as long-time friends playwright and actor Sam Shepard, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and her long-time musical collaborator and husband ex-MC5 guitarist Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith who died in 1994.

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Verve Pictures

Release Date

5 December 2008

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