Whatever Works

Dir: Woody Allen





Since Woody Allen began casting other actors as his alter ego, it was only going to be a matter of time before fellow kvetcher, hypochondriac and Allen aficionado Larry David stepped into his shoes.

The creator of Seinfeld and star of autobiographical HBO hit Curb Your Enthusiasm, David is a comedy legend with a loyal fanbase bursting with anticipation to watch a natural pairing in action.

David plays Boris Yellnikoff, a retired nuclear physicist and Nuyorican misanthrope who spends his days grumbling to anyone who will listen, the audience included.

He finds an unlikely companion in spritely Southern belle Melody St. Ann Celestine, played by Evan Rachel Wood (The Wrestler), who naively hangs on his every word.

The situation is further complicated when Melody’s parents arrive in town, but everyone soon realises that happiness can be found in the most unlikely of scenarios.

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Warner Bros.

Release Date

25 June 2010

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