Rashomon (R/I)

Dir: Akira Kurosawa





Rashômon was a breakthrough for Akira Kurosawa, elevating his critical reputation and bringing his films to the attention of an international audience after winning the top prize at the Venice Film Festival.

Now looked upon as one of Kurosawa’s canonical films, the title has even entered the lexicon of film, now denoting a story told through multiple perspectives, the stand-out and formally bold narrative approach of this superb crime and mystery drama.

Set in 12th century Kyoto, the film reveals an ambush, rape and murder in four contradictory accounts, each through the eyes of a different protagonist. The subtle shifts in point of view, striking cinematography and powerful performances by Toshiro Mifune and Masayuki Mori make Rashômon an all too rare thing – a film that simply demands repeated viewing.

The film is made available again now in a new print from the BFI.

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Release Date

18 June 2010

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