Dir: Joann Sfar





Based on his own graphic novel, Joann Sfar writes and directs a unique film of the life of one of France’s most important artists.

Growing up in wartime Paris the young Lucien Ginsburg escapes from both Nazi and self-persecution by embarking on a fantastical career in the arts, resulting in him becoming a celebrated song-writer.

But it is only through his relationships and affairs with the likes of France Gall, Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin that he becomes a veritable force in music and French popular culture.

Despite this ensuing success his life and career remained turbulent until the end, as he provoked the establishment while blazing a musical trail that has continued to inspire generations ever since.

Eric Elmosnino is terrific as Gainsbourg and the late Lucy Gordon is uncannily reminiscent of the beautiful young Birkin. Gainsbourg is studded with his fantastic music culminating in his controversial version of ” La Marseillaise”.

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30 July 2010

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