The Concert

Dir: Radu Mihaileanu




The Concert is partly based on a true story, focusing on Andrei Filipov (Alexei Guskov) a former world-famous conductor of the Bolshoi Orchestra in Moscow, who was demoted during the communist era for refusing to fire the Jewish players.

Twenty-five years later, he is the concert hall’s caretaker and a defeated man.

When a fax comes through one night from the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, begging the Bolshoi to step in when another orchestra cancels, Andrei seizes the opportunity to conduct again.

With the help of best friend Sacha (Dmitry Nazarov) he gathers together his former musicians to perform in Paris in the place of the current Bolshoi orchestra.

But the only piece Andrei will conduct is Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto, and the only soloist he’ll accept is young virtuoso French violinist Anne-Marie Jacquet (Melanie Laurent).

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16 July 2010

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