Loose Cannons

Dir: Ferzan Ozpetek




When Tommaso is summoned by his conservative family back to southern Italy, he is terrified of being forced into the family pasta business. In an attempt to escape his obligations, he decides to reveal his homosexuality to his parents. But his plan is thwarted when his older brother makes the same announcement…

Director Ferzan Ozpetek takes a playful approach in this appealing comedy-drama, matching a critique of provincial values with a cast of eccentric characters. As each family member’s quirks come to the surface, Ozpetek’s heartfelt film reveals that Tommaso and his brother aren’t the only ones struggling to navigate between their public selves and their true desires. Ingrained familial attitudes towards homosexuality are rarely examined in Italian cinema and while undeniably comic in tone, Loose Cannons achieves an openness and humanity that are really inspiring.

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Peccadillo Pictures

Release Date

17 December 2010

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