Las Acacias

Dir: Pablo Giorgelli





This delicate, almost dialogue free, tender road movie follows Rubén, a middle-aged truck driver, slowly falling for Jacinta, an illegal immigrant. The film takes place, with Jacinta’s baby daughter, on the long drive from Paraguay to Argentina.

Rubén, a man more comfortable with his own silent company transporting timber across the continent, is clearly not looking forward to picking up his human cargo. However, against his better judgement, he has agreed to the job as a favour to his boss.

This is a film made up of stolen glances, subtle kindnesses and above all the tentative steps taken by two bruised adults, gradually learning to open up, trust a little and maybe, just maybe find something more to life than just getting by.

As the truck closes in on Buenos Aires and the end of the road looms, the opportunities to confess their feelings to each other dwindle.

It’s all you can do not to yell at the couple to just say something, anything, and not let this small fleeting opportunity for happiness pass them both by. Uplifting, wry and very moving.

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Verve Pictures

Release Date

2 December 2011

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