The Iron Lady

Dir: Phyllida Lloyd




An elderly lady potters round her house, clearing out her late husband’s possessions. As she bickers with her doting dead husband she is transported to flashpoints of her life and political career.

An ascent to power intermingles with elements of love story in this biopic of Baroness Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and architect of an incendiary era of Conservative rule during the 1980s.

Meryl Streep steps into the lead role to suggest some of the woman behind the political icon, and with a script from Abi Morgan (ShameThe HourBrick Lane), director Phyllida Lloyd will be hoping to repeat the commercial success of Mamma Mia! But will it be too sympathetic a portrayal for the left? Too superficial for the right? Speculation is rife across the political spectrum and anticipation is high for what will surely be a major cinema event.

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Release Date

6 January 2012

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