Dir: Morten Tyldum




As a juggernaut of Scandi-crime hits our shores, paperback-toting commuters rejoice!

Previously resistant to screen adaptations of his bestselling Inspector Harry Hole series, bestselling writer Jo Nesbø has finally granted the first film based on his work – standalone thriller Headhunters.

Roger Brown is a diminutive man with expensive tastes and something to prove. Supplementing his income from corporate recruitment with a side helping of art thievery, the appearance of charming mark Clas Greve proves too good to resist. But here Brown has drastically underestimated ex-military man Greve’s ability to hold a grudge.

From art world echelons to backwater outhouses, the film flips through a variety of tense set pieces, through loops of double crosses, inventive violence and psychological second guessing.

Shot in chilly blues and mainlining the blackest humour, Headhunters is already the most widely exported Norwegian movie in history and will be a must-see for thriller fans with a penchant for Stieg Larsson, The Killing or indeed The Bourne Identity.

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6 April 2012

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