Free Men

Dir: Ismaël Ferroukhi




Rising star Tahar Rahim leads this tense historical drama, set in a Paris mosque where during the WWII occupation, false papers were made to enable hundreds of Jews to evade capture.

Initially operating as a wheeler and dealer on the black market, Younges (Tahar Rahim) is recruited by the Secret Services to spy on the mosque. As he spends more time there he comes into the orbit of a mysterious, charismatic cabaret singer (Lubna Azabal), sparking Younges’ political awakening. This process is shepherded by Si Kaddour Ben Ghabrit (Michael Lonsdale), the rector of the mosque who is engaged in a game of tightrope diplomacy with Nazi officers.

Many accolades have been heaped on Tahar Rahim (a young Robert De Niro, anyone?), and if the role of a young naïf who grows before our eyes into a leader (A Prophet, Black Gold) is becoming Rahim’s stock-in-trade, that’s fine by us – it’s an arc he conveys with panache. As a little-known true story of Muslim agents who fought for the French Resistance, Free Men explores a fascinating historical moment with confidence and an old fashioned sense of storytelling.

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Curzon Film

Release Date

25 May 2012

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