Front of House Workers Guide

This course is still under construction, and you will therefore be unable to enrol on the course at this moment in time. Please check back soon for more information.

So you’ve started working a front of house role in a cinema or a film festival. Do you want to do it at the top of your abilities? Do you want to make sure you’re prepared to welcome all audience members? How do you make sure you are safe and confident in your work? Do you understand your workers’ rights?

This online guide from the Independent Cinema Office features experts teaching crucial lessons for anyone who works in audience-facing roles in cinema. Intended as a complement to specific in house training, this guide covers:

  • Why front of house work matters
  • How to deal with difficult customers
  • Understanding important rights and responsibilities (including your entitlements as a worker)
  • Welcoming disabled audience members
  • Checking your biases and understanding how to welcome people from all backgrounds

And much more. We’ve pulled together five industry experts with decades of experience to help guide you on your journey. It’s everything you need to get started in a front of house role so you can make a contribution and value yourself and your venue.


The fundamentals of welcoming and working with audiences

Working with disabled audiences members

Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a worker

Helping make an inclusive cinema

Next Steps

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