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How to plan an outdoor screening

Want to put on an outdoor screening but not sure how to get started? Read our downloadable guide.

Every year more and more outdoor screenings take place in the UK, in a wide variety of locations and from relatively simple one-off community shows to fully designed events series themed around particular films.

There are as many different types of events as there are films to show. But what does it take to put on a successful outdoor screening?

The ICO has created a practical, in-depth guide to give you an overview of all the areas you need consider while planning your event. You can download it here:

Guide to Outdoor Screenings image
Guide to Outdoor Screenings

Included in the guide:

  • How to properly plan your outdoor screening
  • An overview of licensing considerations
  • Example risk assessment templates
  • Helpful links to sources of further information

This guide was put together in partnership with Peter Knight

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