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Green cinema toolkit

Want to increase your cinema's environmental sustainability? Read our downloadable guide featuring case studies from leading UK venues.

In the midst of the ongoing climate crisis, cinemas can act by taking measures to cut their energy use whilst playing a significant role in raising awareness, fostering new cultural practices and illuminating new pathways through the challenges ahead.

No matter the size of your venue or festival, you too can make a difference. Our Green Cinema Toolkit is for anyone working in film exhibition, from small independent exhibitors to larger cinemas and multi-arts venues. Download it here:

Green Cinema Toolkit

Included in the toolkit:

  • A review of climate change issues
  • Inspiring case studies
  • Top tips for a green cinema
  • Regulations and legal obligations
  • Links to further tools, guidance and resources

This guide was created in partnership with Julie’s Bicycle and our colleagues at Curzon Cinemas, Depot, HOME and Tyneside Cinema.

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