ICO Strategy


We are the UK’s support organisation for independent cinema.


All communities have access to a thriving independent cinema culture.


To champion the broadest range of cinema, and to develop audiences, venues and talent.

The Difference We Want To Make

We focus our resources on achieving five long-term differences we want to make

We want a wider range of AUDIENCES to have access to the broadest range of films in more places

Our aim is to make independent cinema spaces more inclusive and welcoming for all, with more ambitious and creative programming that is responsive to local audiences.

To do this we focus on providing support for programming and distribution to better serve audiences and communities across the UK.

We want VENUES to have the confidence and skillsets to create dynamic, sustainable organisations.

Our aim is to make independent cinemas more economically and environmentally sustainable.

To do this we focus on supporting venues with the resources, tools and networks they need to thrive today and in the future.

We want TALENT to have accessible pathways and career progression to create new visions and voices.

Our aim is to professionalise the sector and create a more skilled and diverse workforce.

To do this we focus on creating formal training routes into our sector and offering ongoing professional development.

We want the INDEPENDENT CINEMA sector to have a louder voice.

Our aim is increased support for access to cultural cinema across the UK.

To do this we advocate on behalf of our sector to inform policy change and increased funding.

We want our sector to be more EQUITABLE, DIVERSE AND INCLUSIVE

This guides all our work with the sector and how we develop our own organisation.

Our Values

These are the central values that we are guided by and inform all of our work


We believe that everyone should be able to see their life and experience reflected on-screen, to celebrate the best of cinema in their community wherever they live and to access opportunities to develop their creativity and professional career.


We endeavour to be honest and transparent about our work, activities and governance; and to treat everyone both internally and externally with respect.


We are passionate about film and cinema in all its forms and believe, like all great art, that it has the power to change lives.


All of our work, policies and advocacy are underpinned by evidence, thorough research and data collection; and are informed by expertise.


Collaboration is at the heart of what we do: we work in partnership with our client venues and we listen to and learn from our advisory groups, our FEDS alumni, the participants in our Young Film Network and more. We cannot achieve anything without the support of the sector we serve.

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