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Elevate Online: Leadership Programme for Cinema Professionals

05/08/2020 - 09/09/2020

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About the course

Since 2014, Elevate: Introduction to Leadership has been providing film exhibition professionals with key management skills to make their goals clearer and transform the way they approach their work.

Now, thanks to support from The ScreenSkills Film Skills Fund, the ICO are delighted to present Elevate Online – a FREE bespoke training experience that will accelerate your development through a holistic approach incorporating expert support, coaching and peer-to-peer learning. This is your opportunity to make sure your film career is moving in the right direction.


05/08/2020 - 09/09/2020


Free (bursaries available for access support, childcare and other caring responsibility costs)

About the course

Participants will gain:

  • A greater ability to inspire and manage teams (including external clients and suppliers);
  • Improved confidence and renewed motivation in their work;
  • A wider network of contacts to help them to grow sustainable businesses;
  • A clear set of individual career aims and objectives and the ability to articulate their professional development plan.

Who is it for?

We are looking for ambitious people who have experience managing projects within film exhibition.

This might include projects in Programming, Marketing, Publicity, Finance, Venue Management, Audience Development, and Education and Outreach. We also welcome applications from freelancers and entrepreneurs running exhibition enterprises. Successful applicants will:

  • Want to grow or step up their position within their organisation;
  • Have a proven track record in the film industry;
  • Show commitment to their chosen career path;
  • Understand how they may inform the management culture of their organisation, specific sector and wider industry;
  • A clear set of individual career aims and objectives and ability to articulate their professional development plan.

We want to make the film industry more inclusive. People of colour and people who consider themselves to have a disability are underrepresented in cinema and film festival jobs, particularly in mid to senior management levels. That’s why we welcome applications from these groups.

How is the course taught?

  • Six, two-hour online modules, in which delegates will build their management confidence through self-awareness, feedback and the development of a proactive personal and team development plan.
  • Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI): This tool identifies personal value systems, motivators and individual personal management styles and can help you deepen your self-awareness, become a better manager and improve your relationships.
  • Three individual coaching sessions to explore personal goals for the programme, discuss their strengths and weaknesses, understand how to apply the learning as the virtual training is underway and take action on their personal and team action plans to ensure they are embedded in practical reality.
  • Elevate Online participants will have access to a 2-hour online workshop session, led by Gaylene Gould, aimed at Black and other PoC who need to regroup, reground and find new compassionate ways to hold their own space in the work space. Drawing on self-compassion work, participants will leave with an immediate set of practices that they can use daily and during tumultuous periods that also will help clarity of thinking and vision.

When will the course run?


Wednesday 5th August: 10am-12pm

Self-awareness sits at the heart of great management and it is critical for a manager to understand their preferred management style, the strengths and weaknesses of this leadership profile and the impact they have on others. In order to achieve this, we will use the Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI), which is an easy to use tool that identifies personal value systems, motivators and individual personal management style. The inventory will also create awareness of their unique value system when they are in conflict as well as when things are going well, helping managers identify their Conflict Management Style.


Wednesday 12th August: 10am-12pm

In Module 2, we will explore three practical applications of SDI: Understanding how different people react to change –yourself and others and adapting your style; Influencing Others and ‘borrowing’ different management styles; Giving Feedback to Others.


Wednesday 19th August: 10am-12pm

Personal resilience is a critical skill for managers, as they learn to become emotionally and mentally resilient to handle challenges effectively. In order to explore this area, we will examine the 5 elements of resilience, and concentrate on emotional resilience through the use of the Emotions in Actions Grid. Delegates will do two exercises to understand the concept well enough to further explore with their Coach.


Wednesday 26th August: 10am-12pm

The art of great management lies in balancing time for self, the individuals within the team and the team as a whole. In this module, we will explore the essence of time management by using the Importance/Urgency Matrix. The matrix will demonstrate personal time preferences; barriers to balance and practical ways to release time for self, individuals and the team. In the second hour of the module, we will explore motivation with The Motivation Scale, and how to positively change personal motivation, so that delegates can make change a reality in their workplaces.


Wednesday 2nd September: 10am-12pm

Great managers have presence and understand how to inspire others, in a manner that is authentic to them and interesting to the audience. This is harder in a virtual world, but no less important. We will explore how to get ‘buy in’ to your ideas and prepare for a meeting or presentation. In breakout rooms, delegates will receive personal feedback on their presence and management ‘gravitas’. as we explore verbal and non-verbal presence; voice and how to keep people interested.


Wednesday 9th September: 10am -12pm

Coaching and supporting others is a critical skill for high performing managers. In this module, the delegates will practice the art of coaching using the OSKAR model, which takes a strengths based approach to developing a team. By the end of this module, and working in different buddy pairs, delegates will have practiced asking great questions, using OSKAR to coach someone, listening actively and receiving feedback.

Coaching sessions will take place over the phone, date to be arranged with individual coaches.


Dr Lucy Ryan, Coach, Leadership Coaching

As an executive coach, consultant and trainer for the last 20 years, Lucy is passionate about developing leaders so that their confidence, impact and natural talents grow and flourish throughout their leadership journey. This means she is fascinated with helping teams and individuals find their voice; develop their presence; have impact in the boardroom and lead and motivate their teams with passion and insight.

Coaching expertise
Lucy has worked with over 12,000 individuals and teams across Europe at crucial transition points in their leadership journey and today she is considered to be one of the UK’s foremost personal impact and confidence coaches for senior business people. In the last decade she has worked with leaders from diverse organisations across Europe including L’Oreal, Channel 4, PHD, RAC, Sony, OUP, Argos, UNICEF, Siemens and Ingeus. With a unique ‘bank’ of coaching models and methods, Lucy also trains coaches and psychologists across Europe in strength-based approaches, resilience and positive psychology.

Professional qualifications
An accredited business coach, Lucy is trained in Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT and EIP), NLP, Leadership Practices Inventory, Transactional Analysis and Strengths Deployment Inventory. She is highly experienced in the assessment and development of individuals and organisations. Lucy is also one of few people in Europe with an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and is at the forefront of the development of positive psychology in Europe. She is author of the UK’s first resilience and well-being curriculum, a Senior Lecturer at the University of East London, and a popular keynote speaker across Europe.

Jackee Holder, Coach, Leadership Coaching

Jackee is an executive leadership coach and coach trainer working across a range of sectors (further education, NHS, higher education, media, public sectors and cultural and creative industries). Her creative and intuitive approach brings learning and training alive whilst offering skilful facilitation and embodiment of coaching and personal development in real and practical ways. Jackee loves writing and is the author of ‘Soul Purpose’, ‘Be Your Own Best Life Coach’ and ‘49 Ways To Write Yourself Well’ (2013) and has been a contributing writer to several books and articles. Her work has been featured in Psychologies and Red and she was part of the successful Twinings Tea Take Ten campaign (2011) in partnership with both magazines.

Coaching experience
Jackee’s skill as a conference host and workshop facilitator has taken her across the globe. She’s delivered workshops and retreats in several US locations and the Caribbean, and co-chaired the Spirit Of Coaching conference featuring Sir John Whitmore at the Brahma Kumaris in London.

Fiona Parashar, Coaching Director, Leadership Coaching

Fiona is the founder of Leadership Coaching Ltd. She specialises in coaching leaders and senior executives through transition periods, typically promotions, restructures, mergers or new roles, but also mid-life transitions in the context of work.

Fiona spent 12 years in leading roles at top advertising and media international agencies Ogilvy, Lintas and McCann Erickson. She later jointly ran Universal McCann, with clients ranging from Nestle and Sky to L’Oréal and Coca-Cola, before leaving to set up Leadership Coaching in 2000.

Coaching expertise
With over 10,000 hours of executive coaching experience, coaching senior leaders and training and supervising executive coaches, Fiona has a well-refined, results-oriented coaching style, combining her business and commercial experience with her academic background in psychology.

Professional qualifications
Fiona is an award-winning coach and certified supervisor with training in executive coaching, mastery in coaching from Newfield, and NLP coaching. She has an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology, a BSc Hons Human Psychology, and a diploma in Psychotherapy. She’s also a Master Practitioner of NLP and accredited to administer and process psychometric testing, including MBTI, FIRO-B and Emergenetics®. Fiona is also a teacher of meditation and mindfulness.

Catharine Des Forges, Director, ICO

Catharine has spent over 20 years working in the exhibition sector for a variety of organisations including the BFI and Arts Council England. She has worked as a freelance programmer and arts consultant and programmed for festivals and cinemas both in the UK and internationally. She has lectured on film at a number of UK universities and is a regular contributor to industry events and a frequent filmmaker Q&A host. Catharine founded the ICO in 2003 and has been its Director ever since.


This programme is supported by The ScreenSkills Film Skills Fund with contributions from UK film productions.

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