News Round-up... 21/06/2013

Posted on June 21, 2013 by Sarah Rutterford

Categories: News Round-up

Spielberg & Lucas Vs Cinema
Hey, Cinema! Where do you think you’re goin!? You can’t escape us, not this time…

Like a couple doomsday cultists, Spielberg and Lucas are predicting a meltdown for cinema. I ask whether the decline of the blockbuster is such a bad thing; will this see the rise of The Independents!!

Serious News Headlines


  • @LUXmovingimage has a round-up of all the must-go-to events in the world of Artists Moving Image.
  • @FOCALint is holding its Annual Footage Training Week, which sounds boring but is in fact fascinating; archivists are the superheroes of cinema in my eyes and this is a great way to gain a better understanding of their skill.


Good Reads/Viewings

A BBFC employee

A BBFC employee enjoys a break from hardcore pornography

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