News Round-up... 20/09/2013

Posted on September 20, 2013 by Sarah Rutterford

Categories: News Round-up

The best things in life are– oh, wait.

Serious News Headlines

  • Are you ready for your mind to be blown? Okay, here goes: 24% of total internet bandwidth is taken up by piracy. Sheesh.
  • With minds suitably blown, @BFI is splashing some cash: 3m allotted for talent network, which should help emerging filmmakers get their film-on.
  • You’re going to be hearing a lot more about this one: Borrowed Time, in a cool marketing coup, has become the first British film to Tugg. You may wonder what to Tugg means? Well wonder no more.
  • Long awaited and greatly needed changes to VPF framework proposed by @BFI, changes that will hopefully benefit smaller distributors (note: “widest point release mechanism”) and exhibitors (note: “complete transparency” over end of VPF terms).  Hurrah!

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