The Biggest Little Farm

Dir: John Chester



91 mins


“Our version of a farm would be different. Plants, wildlife, livestock; all working together.” John Chester’s multi award-winning autobiographical documentary feels incredibly timely following the recent UN report on the horrifying, staggering loss of biodiversity across the globe – much of it generated by over-farming, the use of harmful pesticides and the banishment of wild animals from agricultural land, all of which measures are rejected by Chester and his wife Molly as they begin their own DIY farm.

The Biggest Little Farm chronicles their eight-year quest to create it, trading city living for 200 acres of barren land in hopes of farming in harmony with nature. Through dogged perseverance, they gradually happen upon a bio-diverse design that returns sustenance to the land, creating sustainable habitats for both their own animals and those visiting from the wild.

Featuring gorgeous cinematography of the natural world, captivating animal stars, and delivering the urgent message that agriculture must respect wildlife and work symbiotically with nature, not against it, Chester’s essential documentary provides us with a vital blueprint for better living, sustainable food production and a viable planet.

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Parkland Pictures

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