Dir: Alice Winocour



107 mins



Eva Green, Matt Dillon, Lars Eidinger, Sandra Hüller

Accomplished scientist and astronaut Sarah Loreau (Eva Green) has achieved her career ambition of being chosen for a year long mission to the International Space Station. As she begins the intense physical and mental training, she grapples with the realities of what achieving her dream will mean to her as a parent and to her seven year-old daughter Stella. As mission launch approaches and facing further challenges with her international team lead by an established NASA astronaut (Matt Dillon), Sarah’s commitments to her job and duties as a mother are put to the ultimate test.

Writer-director Alice Winocour’s stunning direction and immaculately researched script combined with a career defining performance from Eva Green, make Proxima a film that is a tender and moving portrait of a mother-daughter relationship, set against the backdrop of an awe inspiring journey of a lifetime.

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