Out of Blue

Dir: Carol Morley



110 mins



Patricia Clarkson, James Caan, Jacki Weaver

An unmissable neo-noir, Carol Morley’s (Falling, Dreams of a Life) Out of Blue premiered at Toronto Film Festival in 2018. With hints of Roman Polanski’s Chinatown and the most thrilling works of Nicolas Roeg, this brilliantly stylised thriller follows a detective in search of a truth that may destabilise not only her view of the world, but her very being.

When homicide detective Mike Hoolihan (Patricia Clarkson) is called to investigate the murder of a leading astrophysicist (Mamie Gummer) in New Orleans, she’s confronted by a mystery that begins to affect her in ways she didn’t expect. As the investigation deepens, a darker world slowly reveals itself, and Hoolihan must use all her skills to piece together the fragments of a wider conspiracy.

Adapted from Martin Amis’ novel ‘Night Train’, Morley has created a wonderfully offbeat, moody detective story with an almost Lynchian dry wit. Clarkson captivates instantly in the lead role, ably supported by an impressive ensemble cast including James Caan, Jacki Weaver and Toby Jones.

We’re delighted to welcome director Carol Morley to Screening Days to introduce the film.

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