Great British Animation

Dir: various

United Kingdom (UK)

1990 - 2015


Great British Animation is a carefully curated retrospective of shorts taken from the past 25 years of Edinburgh International Film Festival’s McLaren Award for British Animation.

It’s part of Move It, a new initiative from Animate Projects that aims to connect programmers, exhibitors, animators, artists and audiences, and is available for booking alongside three other programmes of exciting and innovative animation – Colour Box (for children), Document Differently (documentary shorts) and Parts & Labour (experimental work).

Great British Animation contains films ranging from the McLaren Award’s first winner, Sue Loughlin’s Grand National (1990) to Ainslie Henderson’s Stems (2015); including stop-motion, computer and hand-painted animation and ranging in tone from the moving and humane to the comic and absurd, it’s a terrific programme evidencing the overwhelming talent in recent and current British animation.

For more details of the shorts in the programme, click here.

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