Shooting Dogs

Dir: Michael Caton-Jones

United Kingdom (UK)Germany


115 mins



John Hurt, Hugh Dancy, Dominique Horwitz

In April of 1994, Hutu extremists plunged Rwanda into chaos, targeting the Tutsi people and any Hutus sympathetic to their plight in a genocide that represented a haunting failure by the international community.

Director Michael Caton-Jones turns back the clock to return to the outset of those harrowing weeks, telling the tale of a small community trapped by the murderous devastation and fighting for their lives.

The venerable John Hurt plays Father Christopher, a priest who has worked in Africa for decades and who is finding it ever harder to hold fast to his faith when confronted with the region’s cycles of violence.

Joe (Hugh Dancy) is a precocious young man who has come to Rwanda to work as a teacher at the Kigali secondary school run by Christopher.

Joe coaches Marie (Claire-Hope Ashitey), an extraordinary young athlete whose talent seems to represent a bright new future for the country, but these hopes are dashed when the threat of violence suddenly becomes a reality. A deep bond develops between Father Christopher and Joe when they find themselves facing genocide’s unimaginable horrors and risking their own safety to try, desperately, to help.

Booking Information

Release Date

31 March 2006

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