New Release Strategy

Film Hub South East members can access support to screen key upcoming films via BFI FAN's New Release Strategy.

Since summer 2018, BFI Film Audience Network (FAN) has supported four new release films each year, selected by representatives from BFI FAN, BFI, Into Film and the Independent Cinema Office. Anyone can submit a film for consideration and FAN particularly welcomes submissions from film distributors and exhibitors.

Find out more about the latest BFI FAN supported new releases.

What to expect from FAN support

  • Regional film marketers will be working on film campaigns in every Film Hub region. You can expect increased profile and visibility in your area as well as more in-venue marketing and event opportunities. Our marketing freelancer for Film Hub South East is Kate Williamson.
  • All venues and festivals can pitch for additional budget for grassroots marketing or event activity.  Get in touch at with your idea.
  • A BFI FAN Marketing Pack will be available for all films. Designed especially for exhibitors the pack contains event and marketing ideas, copy, images, assets, press and e-mail outreach templates to help effectively promote the film.
  • FAN support focuses on developing younger audiences, aged 16-30, for independent films. You can expect ideas and assets, as well as case studies on what’s worked (and what hasn’t!) to help with your own audience development plans.
  • Long-term audience development support is available each year for a limited number of venues. Venues have already been selected for this round and FAN will be opening this support again from April 2019.
  • An open submission process for the new release film titles FAN are supporting each year. Exhibitors and distributors can submit a title to be considered for FAN support at any time. See below for more details and to submit!

If you have any queries about the FAN New Release Strategy or how to access support, email:

Meet our Marketing Freelancer

Kate Williamson


Kate Williamson is a freelance festival and events curator, who launched the inaugural Margate Film Festival in 2018 after immersing herself in the rapidly growing creative scene in the South East. She is also a Director at Short Sighted Cinema, an organisation dedicating to supporting British short film and developing new audiences around the UK, and has previously organised numerous wrap-around film events and live score performances. Kate is working with Film Hub South East to provide marketing and event support for venues playing FAN New Releases titles.

Submit a film

Anyone can submit a film for consideration and FAN particularly welcomes submissions from film distributors and exhibitors.

To qualify for FAN support, submitted films must meet at least three of the below criteria in addition to a clear rationale for its appeal to a young audience (16-30 years). Please note FAN will only support films scheduled for release by the FDA and certified by the BBFC.

New Release Strategy films should:

  • Go beyond the mainstream offer and may be perceived as ‘risky’ or ‘challenging’
  • Have potential to engage diverse audiences (as per the BFI Diversity Standards)
  • Show a diversity of on-screen portrayals, cultures and languages
  • Tell distinctive British stories – with a focus on non-London
  • Make a particular contribution to the art of film (for example a distinctive style)
  • FAN can impact on in terms of audience reach and engagement

Submit a film here.

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